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Just starting out? Scared and struggling? Ready to start living your best life?

Embark on a journey with your seasoned guide, Krystal Keck, through the ups and downs of a career in the real estate market. Krystal is sharing her treasure trove of knowledge and experience, providing you with a map to navigate the ever-evolving industry.

It's like being equipped with a customized compass that not only ensures you're on the right path but also keeps you ahead of the curve. You can take this opportunity to propel your real estate career towards success.

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Are you yearning to break free from the hamster wheel of anxiety and frantic work? Your dream of a thriving real estate business seems elusive. Maybe that's why this website caught your attention.

I want to hear about your frustrations and dreams. I'd love to listen intently so I can help you tailor a roadmap for your particular path leading to the exact kind of success you yourself want.

If you have the grit and commitment to diligently follow that path, I can help you transform your marketing strategies, client communication, and negotiation skills. I'll be there for you every step of the way.

With each passing month, you will witness a remarkable shift. Your business will begin to flourish and a sense of ease will replace the relentless anxiety you've been living with.

You CAN turn your aspirations into a beautiful reality. I'd love to help. Let's start by booking a 15-minute call to see how I can help.

For Investors

Embark on a personalized real estate journey with Krystal Keck's one-on-one coaching for investors. Learn the strategic art of securing your retirement home a decade or more before retirement. Krystal, with her proven expertise, guides you to a unique financial advantage—owning without making a single mortgage payment while enjoying your property 30% of the year. Join Krystal to master this savvy investment approach and secure your financial future effortlessly.

About Krystal Keck


In the realm of real estate coaching and consulting, Krystal Keck emerges as the unequivocal choice for a multitude of compelling reasons. With an impressive 21-year tenure in the industry spanning four states, Krystal's extensive experience offers a rare depth of understanding. Her commitment to staying ahead is reflected in her rare master's degree in Real Estate. What truly distinguishes Krystal is her hands-on approach; she built her thriving career from scratch, navigating the industry without a mentor, making mistakes and learning from them. This personal journey fuels her teaching talent, allowing her to connect with aspiring real estate professionals on a profound level.

Krystal acknowledges the industry's high failure rate, and her genuine desire to see others succeed propels her coaching and consulting dedication. She candidly shares her struggles, emphasizing that she's not just running her business; she's actively shaping the life she desires and encourages others to do the same.

Krystal doesn't merely sell properties; she sells the lifestyle she lives, making her coaching and consulting services an invaluable resource for those aiming to excel in the dynamic world of real estate.

Professional & Investor


Elevate your real estate journey with Krystal Keck's unparalleled expertise. As a seasoned professional in the industry, Krystal offers a wealth of knowledge to both seasoned experts and those just beginning their real estate ventures. Whether you seek comprehensive guidance or targeted insights, Krystal's consulting services are tailored to your needs, available on an hourly basis. Propel your success with a trusted advisor who understands the nuances of the real estate market. Let's start by booking a 15-minute call to see how I can help.

When you're true to who you are, amazing things happen.

Building my life in Florida didn't happen by accident. Success in real estate isn't just about money. It's about intentionally fashioning the life you want to live from day to day. It takes time, but you can surround yourself with the people, things and weather that bring you joy.

For me, that's both my hometown in Ohio with family and friends and the sun and salt in southwest Florida with good friends, a Jeep, a convertible and amazing outdoor activities.

I'd love to support you in intentionally creating that life for yourself. Start thinking about the details and let's talk.